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Amount: $500-$2000
Awards: 320
Deadline: Jan 30
College Level: Freshman
State: California
Major: Social Sciences
Link: Website

Established to recognize and reward outstanding high school seniors in California.


Eligible are high school seniors in California who are chosen by faculty committees in their schools. The committees select students to receive certificates in specific study areas (agriculture, art, business, communications, computer studies, drama, English, English as a Second Language, foreign language, history, home economics, mathematics, music, religious studies, science, social science, and trades and industrial studies). Small high schools may award a total of 7 certiciates and large high schools present a total of 14 certificates. In addition, the faculty committees select graduating seniors to receive plaques in 4 general study areas (applied arts, fine arts, liberal arts, and science and mathematics); certificate winners may not also receive plaques; the number of plaques awarded by each high school also depends on the size of the school. Winners of plaques are then eligible to enter the Achievement Awards competition. Of all plaque winners statewide, 320 finalists are selected to enter competitions involving 1) an essay judeged on written expression, logical progression, ability to focus on topic, and creative interpretation, and 2) a group discussion judeged on cooperation, sound and logical thinking, oral communication and command of English, and originality of thought.

Application Process

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