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Instructions for Creating a New Scholarship Library Listing/Page

If you have any problems with creating a listing, please let us know at [email protected]

    • If you don't already have a Scholarship Library user login, you will need to create one to add new scholarships to the database. To create a Scholarship Library account, click on the link in the upper right called "create account"
    • Once you are logged in to the wiki, type the name of the scholarship or page that you want to create in the Search field on the homepage. Please check under all the possible names or spellings of your scholarship to be sure it does not currently exist in the database under a different title.
    • If the scholarship does not currently exist the wiki will ask you, in red text, if you want to Create the page ___ on this wiki!. Click on the red link and an editing Wikitext box will open.
    • Copy and paste the code in the box below under TEMPLATE FOR CREATING A NEW SCHOLARSHIP into the Wikitext/edit box of the scholarship Wikitext box of your new scholarship listing/page
    • Input your scholarship's information into the proper places in the template. Proper places are designated by text that says, "Enter...".
    • There are examples (e.g.) of the format and type of information that should be put into each part of the template, please follow that format.
    • Once your scholarship's information is entered, click the button at the bottom that says Show Preview or click on the main tab that says Preview (next to the Wikitext tab in your editing box)
    • If scholarship page looks like you want in the Preview, click Save Page.
    • If the Preview of your page does not look the way you want, simply make the required changes in the Wikitext editing box and Preview again. Repeat this process as needed. When your page looks satisfactory, click Save Page.
    • Once Saved, you should see the saved version of your page as it will appear to other Scholarship Library visitors.

TEMPLATE FOR CREATING A NEW SCHOLARSHIP- please fill in your scholarship's information where needed

Enter a brief description of the scholarship and/or organization offering the scholarship (e.g. Financial assistance offered through University of Utah's alumni association for undergraduate students considering a career in economics, business or accounting.)

{{Scholarship Info
 | amount = Enter a $ dollar amount, $ dollar range or Varies (e.g. $1000 or $1000-$5000 or Varies)
 | awards = Enter how many times in a year is the scholarship offered (e.g. 2)
 | deadline = Enter the month and day of the scholarship application deadline (e.g. March 5)
 | level = Enter the college level that your scholarship is able to be used in (e.g. Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior or Freshman-Senior)
 | school = Enter name of the school (e.g. University of Utah)
 | url = Enter the URL of scholarship site where the student can find more information (e.g.
 | activity = Enter any and all activities the student needs to be involved with to be eligible for the scholarship (e.g. Athletics)
== Eligibility ==

Enter any eligibility requirements for the scholarship.

== Application Process ==

Enter a URL that the user should go to for an online application form, application PDF, additional application information, etc. (e.g. Go to to get started)
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