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You are some of education’s finest financial backers and investors. To some students you are a life saver as they pursue their education and career dreams. We hope to be your organization’s voice in helping get the word out to students about the scholarship(s) you’re offering them. To do that we need your help in ensuring that the information we have for your organization and scholarship(s) are accurate and up to date. Please take some time to do the following.

  1. Use the Library Search Bar to search for your organization’s name and/or scholarship(s) name.
  2. Once you find what you’re looking for, take a few minutes to read through and search for any outdated, incorrect or missing information or links.
  3. If you find any edits, changes or additions that need to be made, please submit your update request through our Feedback button or through a Post on the page itself and our team will respond appropriately.
  4. If you do not find your scholarship listed and would like to have it listed in the Scholarship Library, please click on the Help link in the left side-bar of our site or use this link
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