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Listed below are colleges and universities that offer social work online degrees, certificates, diplomas and a detailed list of the programs offered. Tuition, financial aid, course offerings, online classes, adult education, and distance learning options are available by request.

online social work degree

Outlook for Social Work Careers

A Population in Need

Substance abuse programs continue to grow. Treatment programs have become a common alternative to prison terms.

The senior population is growing. Medical services are in more and more demand.

Schools are becoming more involved in social services to their populations.

These facts lead to a healthy job outlook for social workers. The areas of assistance are growing. Unless our society€™s population and habits change drastically in the near future, social workers will be in strong demand. Which areas will see the most increase? See the chart provided for a comparison.

Salaries in Social Work

Rich in Deeds, Not Dollars

Hopefully you enjoy a burger as much as filet mignon. On a social worker€™s salary, you€™ll most likely be eating more fast food than fine dining. But, this is a helping profession after all. You€™re in it to assist people, not get rich off them.

This is not to say you can€™t make a living. The overall average salary for social workers is currently $40,000. This number grows and shrinks depending on population and setting. Those employed by a hospital typically earn more than those in substance abuse facilities. An overview of salaries by specialty follows.

Education Requirements for Social Work Careers

Dr. Social Worker?

How far up the degree ladder does a social worker need to go? That depends on the type of social work you want to make your own. If you are interested in the Department of Children and Family services, you will need a bachelor€™s degree. If medical social work is your desire, you will need a master€™s. Some entry level positions in smaller agencies may not even require a BSW, but may accept a bachelor€™s in a related study such as psychology or sociology.

As with most fields today, a master€™s degree will open up more doors than a bachelor€™s. Unlike some fields, however, a doctorate will usually not be necessary. In fact, for social work, a doctorate is mostly overkill. A master€™s degree will qualify you for just about any specialty you encounter. No need to go further in debt than needed.

Just how many more opportunities will a master€™s degree open up? Check out the chart below for an overview of qualifications in the world of social work.

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